Monday, August 9, 2010

Dads Sauce

My brother-in-law (still feel really weird saying that) visited my husband and I this weekend. I love it when people come and visit I see it as an opportunity to make something that normally would be too much food for my husband and I. So I decided to make my fathers sauce, I knew it was one of my husband’s favorites and had a feeling my brother-in-law would like it to. I have very fond memories of smelling my father cooking his sauce as I was walking home from school. It is one of our families’ favorites. My father’s sauce had feed me and college roommates for years.
This is the first time that someone other than my father was making the sauce. I was nervous the sauce would not live up to what I remember, especially because the recipe my father gave me had no measurements in it. It was a can of this, a spoonful of that etc. So a lot of the sauce making is done by the eye and the taste. However, I have to say even to my own amazement the sauce turned out great. Did it taste exactly like my father’s no, (I think I added too much wine) but it was sure close. I did make some of my meatballs too large which lead to them breaking up in the sauce but what can you do. It was my fist attempt and I have learned a lot and can’t wait until I get to try it again. I forgot how much it really does make my husband and I will be eating some variation of meatballs and sauce every day this week. Good thing he likes it.

Finished product. It is so good.

Love my pasta bowls. I recieved these as a bridal shower present. It has a little indentation on the side that you can trill your fork in.

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