Monday, August 16, 2010

Corn and Crab Chowder

My husband was still talking about the crab legs I made for him a couple of weeks ago and about how much he loved soup. After about the third hint from my husband I decided to make a soup I had been saving for the winter. Plus this weekend was really cold and rainy and I was in the library for most of it so I figured this would keep my husband nice and warm.

The recipe was originally just corn chowder but crab meat was on sale and my husband loves crab so it was perfect for him. The recipe was pretty simple to make a little messy because there was a lot of chopping that needed to be done. One of my favorites parts of this recipe is all the veggies. The soup has potatoes, corn, onion and celery. The more veggies I can get into my husband without him knowing the better. This is a great soup and I plan to make different verities of this once winter comes.

Haha so I know it looks like baby food but it was really good.

This picture does not look any better, but it really was good.

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