Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cookie Dough Cheesecake

My brother - in - law and one of my husband’s friend from high school came down to visit us last weekend, and last time that he was down here he requested cheesecake. His favorite cheesecake is cookie dough. I went onto the internet and found a recipe. I had left work early so that I could get and start cooking. I had a couple of other goodies up my sleeve for this weekend so I wanted to sure that I had enough time to make everything.

So I begin to make my cheesecake and other dessert and I received a phone call. It was a surprise call from one of my partners on a project I had complete. When a partner calls you drop whatever you are doing and take that call. The call lasted for an hour which meant my cheesecake was in the oven the entire time and my sugar I was trying to caramelize had to stop in the middle of the process.

Once the phone call was completed the timer for the cheesecake had already gone off so my cheesecake was sitting in the oven. I checked on my cheesecake and it CRACKED, which means the edges cooked faster than the middle. The edges pulled away causing the center to crack. UGH I get so upset when a recipe does not turn out like I envisioned it, but you live and you learn. The next time I make it I will make use to cook the cheesecake at a lower temperature to ensure it will not crack.

The cheesecake still tasted great but I was still upset about the crack!!

Ugh the crack. It shows me I still have a long way to go before I call myself a "cook"

Top viewe of the crack.

Side view of the cheescake. I made the crust out of teddy grams. How fun is that!!!

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