Monday, September 27, 2010

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

My parents came down last week to do a little sightseeing and to visit their favorite daughter and favorite son-in-law (their only daughter and son-in-law), so I wanted to make sure that I made some of my parents favorite treats.
It was my father’s birthday back in the beginning of September and I sent him some steaks but I also wanted to make him a cake. His favorite has always been yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I have NEVER made a cake other than one out of a box.

Looks good enough to be out of a box.
I found a yellow cake recipe on Martha that looked good so I decided this was the cake I was going to make. At first I was worried the batter might be over mixed. Over mixing is just a reoccurring fear I have. I hope once I become more confident in my baking the fear will subside. I am not there yet so I better keep practicing. I have to say the cake came out really well. It was a little dry because I made it on Sunday and we did not eat it until Tuesday, but what can you do.
I made my mom’s chocolate cream cheese frosting it was so good. It reminds me of my childhood when my mom would make cakes and cookies. I can’t wait to teach my children how to make the frosting.
Chocolate Frosting. I could eat it with a spoon.

The finished product. Look at those layers, they are perfect!!


  1. Do you think marscapone would work in the cake or is that too thick? I am trying to adapt it so that it is not dry.

  2. I think marscapone would work well. You may need to thin it out with some water in order to fold it into the batter. Let me know how it turns out.