Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homemade Ravioli

It has been a crazy, crazy week. My parents came down to VA for a couple of days to visit and fix a couple of projects around the house. So, I have not been able to post any blogs or pictures. I am going to try and post as much as I can, especially because I am in Chicago next week for client work.
Before my parents came to VA I made homemade cheese and spinach ravioli with peas, pancetta and a cream sauce, it’s an easy recipe and makes great leftovers.
At first I was intimidated about making my own pasta. Would I measure everything out correctly, would it cook correctly and then I found a super easy recipe on Food Network. The recipe only calls for hot water, flour and a little salt and pepper. Before you know it you are eating fresh homemade pasta. I made a cheese and spinach fillings (best way to make the hubby eat veggies).
This is the filling for the ravioli, I have added chicken to it before and it is super good.
The cream sauce is a recipe from my mother and to add a little extra I use peas and pancetta. The peas give the dish a little extra color and flavor. Don’t be intimidated and try making your own pasta. It will make the dish even more special.


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