Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christmas in September

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. The last two weeks have been extremely busy for me. I have made a variety of items and some crafts but just could not find the time to blog about them with work being so busy. One thing I did last week with the help of my husband is start to make some Christmas decorations. I know it is only September and I am jumping way ahead of myself, but my husband and I have not spent a Christmas in our house. We are always traveling to one of our parent’s homes in NY or PA. I get a little depressed because I see all the other houses on our block with trees and lights and we never put anything because we are going to be traveling. So this year I am going to do easy decorations that don’t need a lot of attention, plus they are VERY cheap.

I went outside and saw all the pinecones and decided to hit the internet to see what crafts I could find. I found some cool ideas to spray paint them and hang them up on my stairs with ribbon. My husband was nice enough to help me with the spray paint. I think he was worried I would get more spray paint on the deck then the pinecones haha. I can’t wait to finish all the ideas I have for Christmas. Make sure you check back later on in December and see what I come up with.

Close up of the pinecones. I was so impressed with the job my husband did.

On my staris. I have not decided if I like the color of ribbon or not.

They might be too low, but they look so cool when the sun hits them. I cant wait to have them going up all the staris.


  1. That is very pretty! They look like jewelery. Nice turnout with the spray paint. Found you at Martha Stewart with her painted pine cones. I think I'll spray paint mine too.