Saturday, September 11, 2010

Potato Pancakes

With this week being so crazy I was looking for quick and easy dinner ideas. What is quicker and easier than breakfast for dinner? We bought some awesome bacon from our pork guy at the farmers market. We get everything from him our bacon, pork butt (for pulled pork), and summer sausage and pig bones for the dog. I tastes so much better and I don’t feel as guilty knowing the pigs are fed with organic foods and don’t have any antibodies used.
My husband loves potato pancakes so I whipped up a couple and placed eggs on them and it was the perfect dinner. Plus the clean up was really easy. It was only a two pan meal. I cook my bacon in the oven; it allows for more even cooking and ensures the bacon comes out nice and crisp. We may be having breakfast for dinner again really soon.

The pancakes cooking. I used half the amount of oil the recipe called for and I plan to use even less the next time I make them.

Look at that bacon. I try to buy as much as I can from the farmers market. It is a great way to get the best food and to support the local farmers.

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