Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This has been a crazy summer. Between getting married, trying to get the house in order, living with a new dog and not to mention work I am surprised I keep it all together (my husband said I barely did). Now that the wedding is over my main goal (besides ordering my wedding photos) is to get the house in order. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. The women who owned the home before us painted all the walls yellow and red and not a pretty soft yellow or red but the McDonalds style yellow and red. After I repainted the kitchen, family room, butler pantry and the master bathroom I told my husband I could not paint anymore and we needed to find someone.

Imagine how happy I was the next day when the monthly advertisement magazine came in. There were a ton of contractors to choose from. I called a couple of places and met with some people and we made our choice. The guy was very nice and what made me even happier was work could be performed on the weekends. We signed the contract before the wedding and I could not wait.

Well after two months of unanswered phone calls and email we got our money back thanks to my awesome husband. Now I am just frustrated because I was thinking I would FINALLY have the front room painted and be able to put the couch in there and the end tables that are still in their boxes and hang up my mirrors. Now I am probably going to have to wait until next summer to have my front room painted ugh so frustrated. If anyone knows of any contractors in the DMV area please please let me know. I might still hang up the mirrors so I can get them out of the extra room not sure yet.

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