Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome Home Dinner

My husband was away on business all last week. I dropped him off at the airport and once we finished our hugs and kisses in one last attempt to steal some extra moments with him I asked what he would like for dinner when he returns from his trip. Without hesitation he said Risotto. A word that would have sent shivers down my spine a year ago. Risotto was an intimidating dish, requiring constant stirring and measuring of chicken broth but is worth it all in the end.

The asparagus before I roasted it. I love how green and fresh it looks!!

The final product. It was soooo good. Worth all the stirring, plus my husband loved it.

I learned to use chicken broth that I have made, this way I can control the salt content better, and to roast any additional ingredients that I place in the Risotto to give it the most flavor. Along with making a special dinner for my husband I also found out that I was promoted. Hence the flutes of champagne. It was a great start to a weekend my husband was home and I received a promotion.

The champagne flutes from our promotion celebration ;)

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