Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Night

So it was movie night on Saturday. It is a time for my husband and I to cuddle in the basement and watch a movie on his much too big television......except with my husband being away last week I totally forgot to slip the Netflix into the mail. So instead of watching When in Rome we watched the DVR. We had a week of Top Chef, Anthony Bourdain and Real Housewives of New Jersey to catch up on. Of course I felt bad that my husband was now going to have suffer for my reality TV addiction. So I decided to make him some carmel popcorn with almonds for being such a good sport.

I always pop my own popcorn. I don’t trust the microwave stuff, I am unsure about that fake butter. I use a large sauce pot, this allows the kernels to move around so they are less likely to burn.

The popcorn with the sugar sauce poured on it, before placing it in the oven to allow the sugar to carmalize and the popcorn to get the glossy shine.

The finished product. It looks so much like Cracker Jack and tastes 50 times better. Instead of adding peanuts we used almonds (they are my favorite). The recipe called for 40 minutes in the oven, I will definitely put it in for less next time some of the pieces got a little burned. Overall it was a huge success and will be returning for a second viewing on our next movie night ;)

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