Friday, October 22, 2010

Pecan Waffles

My hubby bought me a waffle iron a couple months back and I love it. However, I am starting to get bored with the same old waffle batter I have been making. So this weekend I decided to try something a little bit different. I love nuts and by far my favorite ones are Pecans. I found an awesome Pecan waffle batter recipe from They turned out great. I am not going to lie the first one I made was definitely left in the iron too long and the nuts burned. Anyone who has burnt nuts before know the horrible smell and bitter taste of them. Once when I got the timing down right the waffles turned out great.

I also roasted some pecan and chopped them up and placed them in my butter syrup combination. My hubby is dying for some type of banana waffle. I told him I need to get the basic ones down first before I try the more advanced ones.

Waffle before the syrup.Butter and syrup with toasted pecans, so good!!

Best waffle ever. Cant wait to try some gingerbread ones around Christmas.

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