Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blueberry and Pecan Scones

I love scones, I know some people don’t like them because scones can be too dry but, I found a recipe for scones that did not use too much flour. I hope that by limiting the flour the scones would not be as dry. I also went against what all the recipes told me to do and added fresh blueberries. All the recipes I looked at required using dried blueberries or some other type of dried fruit. I don’t like dried fruits I never have so I figured how different could they be by using fresh blueberries, you use fresh fruit in muffins so this should not be too different.

These scones are great; I added blueberry and pecans to mine. The scones were NOT dry; they were quite the opposite very moist and soft in the middle. They had a cake like texture to them. I loved them. I am so happy I went with the fresh blueberries. They only thing was the blueberries broke a little causing my scones to take on a light purple color to them. I thought it looked cute and I did not mind at all. I loved the pecans in the scones it gave them a nice sweet flavor. I will be making these again and trying to do a lot of different flavor combinations.
This is the only picture that seems to want to load today. My cutting is a little off but that does not matter becasue these taste awesome.

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