Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink Champagne Cake

I was going to a pool party this weekend at a friend’s house. I wanted to make sure that I brought something to the party that I knew people would eat and really enjoy. So I decided to make pink champagne cake. I made a white cake and added about 1-1 ½ cups champagne. I will post the white cake recipe in another blog.

I also made a cream cheese frosting with champagne in it to give it a little extra zing. It was delish, the frosting took some getting used to but I would make this cake again. I think it would be great as a wedding shower or engagement party cake. I am going to try and work on the frosting a bit and see if I can get it a little thicker and make designs in a pastry bag.

I will give a little more instruction in the blog about the white cake. This blog is manly to see the finished product.

The first layer of cake with the frosting on it.

After I placed the 2nd layer on top.

The finished product. So delish, kind of making my mouth water a little bit.

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