Sunday, June 26, 2011

Herb Box

I went home a couple of weeks ago for my cousin’s graduation party. The party was on Saturday so I was able to spend all of Sunday with my family. My mother and I have very similar personalities; we have a hard time sitting still and need to be always doing something. So we thought of a project to do together. I don’t have a lot or room in my backyard and we don’t have any grass. It is something my husband and I are planning on putting in grass one day.

We decided to make herb boxes for my backyard. I wish I could give some dimensions and some better information on how to make these, but my mother and I came up with the idea and my father did the execution of it.

Here are some pictures of what the boxes look like. Like I said sorry that, the instructions are not better but it is a great idea to try to make.

Top view of the box.

This is a picture of the basil and parsley.

This is the second box, you can see the chives and rosemary.

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