Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parmesan Fish Sticks

My husband loves fish sticks, but I rather not buy the ones at the store. So I make my own. Salmon is my favorite fish it is a nice firm fish so I knew it would hold up with all the handing. I used Italian breadcrumbs to give them a little extra flavor because I didn’t have any fresh parmesan cheese. I always drizzle a little oil over the fish sticks so that they come out golden brown.

We just used regular tartar sauce to dip the fish sticks in they taste great. The fish stays surprising moist. The prep and clean up is not too bad you need about 3 bowls but other than that these are a definite keeper. Love them and they make great left overs.

The fish sticks before. I know these are not the best picutes. My regualr camera was not working so I had to use my old one and the picuture quality is not the best. But dont let the pictures fool you these are the BEST!!

The fish sticks after they were cooked. Again dont the picutures fool you these are great.

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