Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jingle Bell Wreaths

I have had the Christmas feeling since September (my pinecone blog), and I was super excited to begin to decorate the house. We will be spending Christmas with my family this year so we decided not to get a Christmas tree. I was a little upset about the tree so I decided to make sure we still decorated the rest of the house.

I wanted to start off with something simple and small to try and make so I could build up my confidence with crafting. I have the type of personality where if the craft, recipe or whatever I am working on does not turn out perfect I become very frustrated.So, I was very excited when I made the jingle bell wreath and it turned out to be super easy. All you need are jingle bells, wire and wire cutters, that is it!! How much easier can it be! I made a total of four wreaths while sitting in bed with my husband watching tv.

I made four different color wreaths, 3 solid color and one multi – color. Theses will be the cutest hostess gifts with a bottle of wine for all those holiday parties. I was also thinking about making one for the dog as a holiday dog collar. I am not sure if he will wear it haha I guess we will have to see.
This is the sliver Jingle Bell Wreath, it was the first one I made so it is not a perfect circle but they got better as I went on. I love this one because it is red, green and gold and matches all my Holiday decorations.

This one is my favorite. It is gold jingle bells with white paint to look a little like snow. I made two of them and gave one to my Mother-in-Law. I hope she likes it.!!


  1. Great Idea! I shared your idea on my facebook page, Homemade Gift Ideas. I hope you don't mind. LMK if you do. Thanks!

  2. OMG they are SO cute. Saw your link on marthasteward. Love these :) Maybe you would make a video DIY? ;)

  3. Saw your link on Martha - love your blog!