Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot Spinach Dip

So I had my Halloween potluck awhile back and I made a couple of different things for it. One of my all time favorite dips and always is a huge crowd please is my Hot Spinach dip. I only make it for special occasions because of the ingredients. The dip contains mayo, cream cheese, pepper jack cheese and spinach. Haha the spinach is the only healthy ingredient in this dip. I top it off with a little pepper jack cheese to give it a little more kick and it is good to go. It is always a huge hit and can be made the night before and just cooked through that day of you party. I look forward to holidays when I can make it and not feel bad for eating it. This is definitely not a low fat dip.

Here is a picture as soon as I came out of the oven. Please ignore my dirty stove top. I was cooking alot that night and did not have time to clean up until after I was finished.

A closeup look of the dip. It is so good with homemade crackers.

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