Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cake Pops

My husband’s grandmother was having her 90th birthday and we were traveling to PA to celebrate with the entire family. I always like to try and make something to bring to my in-laws house because I don’t like to go anywhere empty handed. I made some bread and cookies, but I wanted to make something special that I had never made before. I decided to make cake pops. Wow, I did not know what I was getting myself into.

I don’t know if it was from the stress of trying to get everything packed and ready for travel (I love my husband but he gets VERY stressed when we have to travel), but making the cake pops was a very long process.

I feel like I might have cheated a little because I bought cake mix and premade frosting but I just did not have the time to bake a cake and make frosting.

The first thing I did was to bake the cake. Once the cake cooled I used my hands to break it up into smaller pieces. Once I had the cake in the desired pieces I mixed in an entire container of frosting until it looked like the picture below.

I placed the cake pops on a baking sheet with parchment paper and then placed them in the fridge. I wanted to make sure that the balls were cool before I tried to insert the lollypop stick in them.

Once the cake pops are completely cool dip the lollypop stick in melted chocolate and stick in the base of the cake pop. I then make sure that the sticks were completely dry until I dipped the cake pop into the melted chocolate.

Once the sticks were totally dry I dipped the cake pops in the melted chocolate. Be careful not to press down too hard or the pops will break. Tap off any excess chocolate that could be on the pops. While the chocolate is still wet make sure that you dip it into the sprinkles. Once you have the desired look for your cake pops I stick them in a piece of styrofoam. Once the cake pops have dried they are ready to eat. They were so cute and delish but like I said they def. took a long time to create. If you are short on time I would say this is not the recipe for you.

The cake after I broke it up into tiny pieces.

This is the cake mixture after I added the frosting.

The cake pops before I placed them in the fridge to make sure they were cold.

Cake pops after I took them out of the fridge.
The cake pops when they were drying .

The finished product. HOW CUTE!!!! They were so good just wish they did not take so much time.

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  1. Hello, I just ran across your blog from Martha stewart's webpage and I wanted say that there is a much easier way of making cake pops. There's a pan online.