Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Streusel

So if you are like me you love Girl Scout cookies, and I mean LOVE. This year my husband and I bought 10 boxes and there are just two of us. So in an attempt to try and do something different with the cookies I decided to make some Girl Scout streusel. The recipe is currently not like your normal streusel recipes but a hybrid. It was quite easy to make, all you will need is some puff pastry, egg, sugar , powered sugar and water.

Make sure that you defrost the puff pastry and roll it out. You may need some extra flour to make sure it does not stick to the rolling pin. Once the puff pastry is rolled out you will need to cut it into squares. I used this awesome ravioli/pastry press from my father-in-law. It was a big cut out which allowed me to place a whole thin mint in the center. Of course feel free to use whatever cookies you would like but those are my husband’s favorite.

I used a fork to press down both sides of the puff pastry. Once the puff pastry was crimped I used egg wash to make sure they crisped up a little, and added some sugar on the top. Once the pastry was done I took it out of the oven and let them cool. Then I added a little icing (just a little powdered sugar and water). My husband loved them. I have to admit they were not my favorite, I think next time I am going to mix together thin mints and cream cheese and maybe make them into a croissant. All well that ends well he loved them and that is all that I care about.

A picture of the puff pastry after I rolled it out and used the pastry press.

Placing the cookies on the puff pastry.

These two pictures above are what the cookies will look like once you have placed the puff pastry on the top and the bottom.

The pastry with egg wash (egg and water) and some sugar on the top.

What the cookies look like when they come right out of the oven. Still too hot for the icing

The two pictures above are the finished cookie with the icing on top. Like I said these were very tasty not my favorite but I plan to jazz them up a little.

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