Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner Planning

I am very busy. I work a lot, I love my job (sometimes). I also love my husband very much and would never let my job hinder me from taking good care of him. So when I knew that I was going to have to travel for two weeks I wanted to make sure that I prepared enough meals for my husband to have a choice and not have to eat the same thing every night. Not to mention I did not want him to be going out everyday and buying breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Like I said I started to look for items that I could make and freeze and would keep for two weeks. I settled on chili, cheddar and broccoli soup and sauce with meatball and hot sausage. You will see the chili and cheddar broccoli soup in later posts.

The one thing I always make sure that I have in the kitchen is Pyrex. You can freeze it, microwave it and put it in the fridge. Not to mention it is dishwasher save so there is not a lot of clean up afterwards. We all know that I am a planner so I thought that if there is anyone else out there who needs to do something along these lines they can use this as a model.

All the Pyrex stacked up before placing it into the freezer. This was one of the best ideas I have had.

All the Pyrex in the freezer. It was an ENTIRE day of cooking. Using all the pots in my house and running the dishwasher 5 times. It was all worth it to know that my husband had lots to eat.

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