Monday, January 3, 2011

Dipping Herbs

In my last blog I made some focaccia bread and I spoke about dipping spices that I used. Living in a suburb of DC we don’t have a very big backyard. Haha our backyard is a brick patio with no grass. While I love living in DC one thing that I do miss is having a backyard with grass to grow a garden with herbs and veggies in it. So as a substitute I have a strawberry pot on my deck where I grow herbs in the summer and dry them over the winter. This allows us to have the fresh herbs in the winter.

The herbs I used were dried parsley and thyme. I added some red pepper flakes for some heat and salt and pepper. After adding a little olive oil to the mix it was perfect for dipping in the hot focaccia bread. I can’t wait to make this bread again when I make my father’s pasta sauce.

What the herbs looked like before adding the olive oil.

The herbs after adding the olive oil. This is the best, you can add and take out whatever you want. A great sub. for not using butter.

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